About Neon Living

It all started with an innovative acrylic design in striking neon colours. That hasn’t changed, but now, Neon Living is trying out new ways with our design.

- We are constantly developing our concept to give our customers new experiences as a supplement to the popular acrylic design. Without compromising on quality – along with design and colours, quality remains one of the most important parameters to us.

Neon Living was originally founded by designer Henriette Hyldgaard. Since the formation, some of Neon Living’s eye-catching products have been designed by a number of other designers. Most recently, the Danish design agency Nobis Design with its reinvention of the classic chandelier, which gave rise to the two acrylic versions, Chamberstick and Candelabra. In full daylight or in artificial lighting the products shimmer like a classic candlelight.  

The material used is acrylic. This is a non-toxic material, with light penetration up to 92%. In comparison with other plastics such as PS, MS, AS, or PP, the acrylic has a higher density, which gives a heavier product and therefore more valued.

For production techniques, all acrylic pieces are laser cut and hand stuck with a special glue by means of a syringe. Each pieces are glued one by one so that the final product gives an esthetic and balanced look.

Because of manual labor, few air bubbles or irregularity in the junctions may occur but this does not influence the strength of the bond. These imperfections cannot be avoided because the pieces are cut lazer and fixed manually.

For products such as Paper Dee, Paper U and service trays, they are lazer cut, thermoformed and shaped manually one by one.

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