Keywall black - oplagstavle

Keywall - Black

Item No.:
NLL- 65000
Here is a practical and modern suspension, which is able to accommodate all the things that often lack a place in your home ...

The Keywall has room for your keys at the top. Your sunglasses will fit on the small shelf. The mobile phone can be in one of the containers and the other may be used for pencils, etc. Includes 4 purple powerful magnets that can keep notes or maybe pictures of great moments. Below is an additional small shelf, which can also be used for storage, so there is plenty of storage options on this Keywall.

The Keywall measures 55x45x6 cm. and includes 2 magnetic containers 4 pink magnets. The containers and the magnets can of course be freely placed on other magnetic objects.

Designed by: Lotte Fynboe
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699,00  DKK